Hochtief AG: Implementation of global sustainability reporting with SAP BI

Starting point

  • The customer already had sustainability reporting.
  • Collecting the data needed for this reporting was extremely time-consuming due to a high number of different sources and manual processes.
  • The project goal was to improve the sustainability report in terms of data quality and detail as well as simplifying the data acquisition process.


  • Wherever possible existing ERP data is used to determine sustainability KPIs. Additional data is recorded via a structured input system.
  • All data is consolidated and thus easy to handle available in one SAP BI system.
  • The data acquisition of non integrated foreign subsidiaries is achieved via SAP BI Integrated Planning.


  • The available database is more detailed while the data acquisition process is simplified and more transparent.
  • Collecting data on a quarterly basis enables our customer to review the KPI development over different time periods