What moves and differentiates us?

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We deliver. Our claim connects our core message and attitude directly with our name. We do what we say. This is the basis for our success – for almost 15 years.


The essential values “exceeding expectations”, “adding unique value” and “trust” are descriptions of what we expect from ourselves: in our attitude and our actions. They apply on the inside and outside: In our interactions with employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Exceeding expectations

We value what’s right for our customers in everything we do. We want to be approachable and caring, exceed their expectations, and invest in long-term relationships that last a lifetime.

Adding unique value

We not only think about the next step but also about the one after that. We are always eager to find out about new topics and are continually educatinge ourselves.


People are at the centre – as customer, employee and part of society. This is expressed in our style of working – collaborative, empathic and trustworthy.