Clariant Ltd

Transfer of all nonSAP applications to a new data center

The globally active Swiss specialty chemicals group generates sales of 6 billion Swiss francs with more than 17,000 employees.
Divided into ten business units managed by Clariant International Ltd. in Muttenz, Clariant has more than 6,500 SAP users in the company worldwide.

The initial situation

  • The global data center (DC) in Switzerland was relocated. Initially, all SAP systems were transferred to a hosting provider in Germany.
  • All other basic and specific nonSAP applications and infrastructure-related services should then be moved to another provider in Germany.
  • In a period of 8 months, the second provider (Indian) first had to establish the team and completely set up the new DC, after which the cooperation could start.

The solution

  • The task was extremely complex, both technologically and in terms of culture and communication. A classic project management methodology was not indicated.
  • The key success factor was the ongoing mediation between the outgoing and incoming DC operators. Any escalation or merely “working to rule” would have toppled the ambitious schedule.
  • Project management functions also required a high level of technical involvement to assess bottlenecks and counter measures.

The success

  • Despite multiple technical delays, all planned applications were migrated in a net period of about 4 months after the DC was deployed.
  • 45 nonSAP applications successfully transferred
  • In the course of which several functional and technical upgrades were carried out
  • By the deadline, all applications had been moved, so the old DC ended as planned