doctari GmbH

Evaluation of the market for ERP systems in the personnel services sector

Since 2008, doctari has been placing physicians and nurses of all specialties in suitable positions in medical facilities. The Berlin-based company also sees itself as a personal career advisor to medical professionals. Together with more than 5,000 medical facilities, doctari has been able to cover more than one million deployment days since 2008.

The initial situation

  • The previous heterogeneous application landscape is to be replaced by a central cloud-based finance and ERP system that supports the common workflows of employee leasing and the associated process steps
  • The customer pursues the strategy “Salesforce first”, i.e. the new solution should communicate via interfaces with the existing Salesforce system according to the requirements description

The solution

  • Survey of the actual situation of the processes
  • Review of the requirements catalog already created as a basis for selecting a future-proof, scalable application architecture. Mapping of the core processes via several possible architecture variants
  • Evaluation of the market of ERP systems in the personnel services industry
  • Conduct requirements workshops and deep-dive analysis with short-listed vendors

The success

  • Identification of a “perfect match” for an ERP substitute
  • Fast decision making in a complex (product/)market environment

“We were able to decisively shorten our plan to replace the existing system thanks to entero’s expertise in Salesforce and, above all, thanks to their good and up-to-date knowledge of the market and processes in HR services, and together we found the solution that best suited us.” [Doreen Baumbach, Head of Process, doctari GmbH, Berlin]