EIM Executive Interim Management AG

Mapping of lead-to-client and manager-to-project processes to Salesforce

EIM Executive Interim Management AG provides solutions as a provider of modern interim management in 20 countries with 25 offices through Senior Interim Executives, Young Executives and Accelerated Search offers. With a community of more than 30,000 executives, EIM has completed more than 10,000 engagements over the past 30 years.

The initial situation

  • One instance of the legacy system existed per country, cross-border work involved multiple efforts and projects were created multiple times
  • Within the EIM organization, process maturity varied widely
  • The workflow consisted to a considerable extent of purely manual steps

The solution

  • Establishment of an overarching system with uniform processes
  • Consistent automation of all “Non Value Added” processes
  • Introduction of a Salesforce-based, fully integrated solution for:
    Marketing (Pardot), Sales (Sales Cloud) and Recruiting (BullhornConnexys)

The success

  • Strengthening country collaboration as Salesforce and Bullhorn collaborative tools are used extensively and create synergies – reinforcing the traditional ONE FIRM approach
  • Digitization combined with a significant increase in efficiency and quality in the collaboration of the EIM offices through uniform processes
  • Comparable KPIs in the countries increase transparency
  • High user acceptance due to focus on core business in platform approach

“We were able to significantly improve our quality, productivity, speed by digitizing the cross-country business processes with the new Salesforce based system. By integrating the different solutions on the Salesforce platform, we now have our database, matching, sales, and marketing processes in one modern and integrated system.” [Dr. Thomas Schneider, Partner, EIM Executive Interim Management AG, Zug]