Hymer AG

Master data and inventory migration

Hymer is one of the largest manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans in Europe.
Hymer Genuine Parts & Accessories has the task of ensuring the worldwide supply of Hymer genuine parts to more than 450 trade and service partners.

The initial situation

  • Short-term takeover of the sub-project management “Master data and inventory migration”.
  • Unclear master data quality in pre- and legacy systems

The solution

  • Subproject management master data migration
  • Preparation and error correction of the migration source data
  • Coordination of data initiation by means of continuous completeness analyses
  • Employee training
  • Implementation of inventory migration

The success

  • Expansion of the migrated material master from 38,000 to 300,000 parts
  • Provision of the necessary master data quality for the GoLive
  • Successful inventory migration
  • Set-up support and coaching of a master data maintenance team

The introduction of SAP at Hymer Original Parts & Accessories has been a huge success. The support provided by entero AG, which took over the migration of the material master and dependent migration topics at short notice and completed them successfully and on schedule, was essential here. [Thorsten Manz, Head of Hymer Genuine Parts & Accessories, Erwin Hymer Group]