INGUN Testing Equipment Ltd.

Implementation of a Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Since 1971 INGUN has been providing the best possible connection between test point and test system with precisely fitting contacting solutions. More than 400 employees worldwide enable a fast availability of INGUN’s innovative testing technology. As a development partner for its customers in industries ranging from automotive to telecommunications, INGUN ensures the quality of electrical and electronic products.

The initial situation

  • The business is characterized by standard and special products for specific fields of application
  • For standard products, there were ERP-based processes for quoting, but there was a lack of a holistic view of sales projects worldwide
  • Therefore, the goal in Sales is to obtain a 360° view of the end customer and to standardize the quotation process internationally.

The solution

  • INGUN has strategically chosen Salesforce’s Sales Cloud with ERP integration (proAlpha) at headquarters and SAP BusinessOne at the national subsidiaries.
  • Establishment of an ETO and ATO sales process on the Sales Cloud
  • With a “quick quote” function, customer quotes can be created directly
  • Through the Sales Cloud, the opportunity, account, and quoting processes reside together on one platform and provide automated tracking

The success

  • Global sales (incl. field sales, business development, customer service and project department) now have the same view of customers and sales partners
  • Email-based internal processes were replaced by the system

Salesforce gives us an unprecedented 360° view of our customers and their potential. entero is a reliable partner when it comes to implementing our complex processes and ideas. [Tanja Vogelsang, Application Owner CRM, INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH, Konstanz].