Score Media Group GmbH & Co. KG

Introduction of Sales Cloud and integration with DAP MediaLine

The Score Media Group is a marketing alliance of 30 regional daily newspaper publishers based in Düsseldorf and Munich, including 270 daily newspapers with around 640 local editions. The total reach is more than 53 million readers per issue. The group was founded in 2016 to simplify ad booking for advertisers and to tap into new marketing potential.

The initial situation

  • Score Media is a start-up that has chosen to implement Salesforce to cover extensive requirements of its sales processes:
    • Management of customer master data and interaction, the initiation of customer projects and of quotations as well as orders and their processing
    • Coupling of Salesforce and the ERP system for operational processing (DAP MediaLine) by means of automated integration – for customer master data, orders, invoices and operational events, for the purpose of 360° view of the customer relationship and reporting
    • Planning and control of the commercial outlook by means of automated analysis of target achievement per period from the perspectives of employees, team and company
    • Automated newsletters for stakeholders; 4-eyes principles and approvals.

The solution

  • Use of the entero standard framework for configurable automation and integration scenarios (entero Integration Framework “EIF”):
    • REST-based endpoints with transformation, monitoring and alerting capabilities
    • Event-driven generation and aggregation of transactional data in a reporting cube

The success

  • Very low-maintenance solution and integration – thanks to self-healing scenarios, among other things
  • Configurable adaptability of business logics in case of changed requirements

With entero, we have created an automated solution for managing our sales processes. Integration with our ERP system creates a 360° view of our customers and partners – from order placement to processing and invoicing. In Salesforce, this means that in addition to the pipeline, target achievement is also mapped. entero convinced us with reliable ‘end-to-end’ consulting: Salesforce best practices combined with a high level of process understanding. [Steffen Conze, Sales Director, Score Media Group GmbH & Co. KG].