Smartrac Technology GmbH

Sales planning based on Salesforce

Smartrac Technology Group is a leader in the development and manufacturing of RFID chip-based products and IoT solutions.
With over 2.6 billion RFID chips manufactured per year, the Group has the largest production capacity in the industry.
Based on over 1,000 patents, they offer pioneering technology in a broad product portfolio.
1,200 employees worldwide contribute to the Group’s success.

The initial situation

  • Smartrac has mapped your sales process with connection to SAP in Salesforce and had implemented the sales forecast using a plugin
  • The barely integrated plugin had poor performance and a non-transparent data structure, which could serve operation and evaluation only insufficiently

The solution

  • Creation of an in-house development on, which is seamlessly integrated into the opportunity process and offers transparent administration and evaluation of the stored data
  • For efficient input, the application has been supplemented with an Excel connection, which provides selection and mass processing of sales forecasts

The success

  • Significantly improve performance and adoption of sales planning in Salesforce
  • Improved administration and evaluation of own data and thus quality improvement of forecasting and production planning

Together with entero, we were able to implement our sales forecasting and production planning in a powerful in-house development based on Our evaluation options and the associated planning reliability have thus improved significantly. [Sonja Dingels, IT Manager Sales Applications, Smartrac Technology]