Iskander Business Partner Ltd.

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Iskander Business Partner GmbH is a leading consulting company in the telecommunications, media and automotive sectors with headquarters in Ismaning near Munich.
With an average growth of 25% in recent years, IKB is one of the fastest growing management consultancies in Germany.

The initial situation

  • The customer (IKB) previously worked widely on the basis of Excel spreadsheets for documentation and accounting, which hindered sustainable growth
  • New GDPR regulations and the growing workforce have resulted in expanded requirements for data management
  • The customer wanted more transparency and traceability in business decisions instead of relying on an Excel-based gut feeling

The solution

  • Introduction of the PSA solution “Kimble” based on the Salesforce platform
  • Mapping of the central business processes of IKB GmbH in Kimble
  • Automation of complex manual business processes in the area of consulting and finance

The success

  • Rapid growth in company size due to time and money saved
  • Sales doubled in just the first year of using Kimble
  • Early and fact-based management decisions with improved cost control
  • Significantly improved customer service in day-to-day business

Kimble allows us to focus on our business instead of struggling with our IT processes. As a result, we have already doubled our sales and the payback is getting better every year. [Armin Iskander, CEO, Iskander Business Partners Ltd.]