Optimization of an existing Salesforce implementation

Company founded in 1903.
Currently 35 partner companies worldwide under the TELEFUNKEN brand.
Manufacture and distribution of products in over 120 countries.

The initial situation

  • Telefunken has been using a standard implementation of Salesforce for some time now
  • In the course of daily work, further requirements and customer-specific improvements were identified
  • There was no process supported by the system to acquire new customers

The solution

  • Implementation of integrated reporting in the Salesforce system
  • Implementation of automatisms and release processes
  • Connection of e-mail mailboxes to Salesforce
  • Mapping of TELEFUNKEN’s contract management in Salesforce

The success

  • Increasing transparency in contract management
  • Short approval processes from employee to management
  • Automatic acquisition of potentials and automatic processing in the system
  • Increase productivity through simple processes