Brunner baker

Implementation of Salesforce Einstein Analytics for Reporting & Scheduling

With over 85 specialty stores and around 800 employees, the family-owned Brunner bakery is one of the most successful craft businesses in north-eastern Bavaria.
Many exclusively handmade specialties with regional ingredients stand for the high quality standards of the customers. The headquarters and production site are located in Weiden in der Oberpfalz.

The initial situation

  • Excel-based monthly reporting with large manual effort and several million data records from various systems
  • 85 stores order their assortment on a daily basis according to “gut feeling” (no machine evaluation of sales and associated influencing factors such as weather, vacations, etc.) and are thus dependent on the knowledge of individual employees

The solution

  • Implementation of Einstein Analytics and the development of a proprietary
    Data model for scheduling (flexible business intelligence solution)
  • Automated reporting with connection of various data sources and
    Harmonization of data through upstream Azure database as middleware
  • Automatic determination of order proposals per store, article and day on the basis of previous sales, taking into account relevant influencing factors

The success

  • Significant effort reduction and complete transparency through
    Up-to-the-minute, automated, mobile reporting with modern dashboards
  • Reduction of the daily return rate based on insights into assortment and sales trends from the Einstein AI data