Hochtief AG

Sustainability Reporting with SAP BI

The company offers integrated services along the life cycle of infrastructure projects, real estate and facilities.
Since 1873, more than 80,000 employees worldwide have generated sales of over 25 billion euros.
Awarded Gold in the Construction Industry category in SAM’s Sustainability Yearbook.

The initial situation

  • The customer has already established a sustainability reporting system.
  • Determining the required data was extremely time-consuming due to a wide variety of sources and manual processes.
  • The project objective was to improve the sustainability report in terms of data quality and level of detail, and to simplify the data collection processes.

The solution

  • The sustainability reporting criteria are operationalized through calculable KPIs.
  • Existing data from the ERP systems is used to calculate the KPIs; additional data required is collected via a structured input system.
  • The data is conveniently merged in SAP BI.
  • The data collection of non-integrated foreign subsidiaries is realized using SAP BI Integrated Planning.

The success

  • More detailed data basis for the preparation of the sustainability report with simplified data collection.
  • Quarterly data collection enables the development of the key figures over time to be presented.

entero AG contributed significantly to the development of an innovative concept for our sustainability reporting, which also convinced our auditors.